Tuesday, December 11, 2007

16 Unique Ideas for your Next Portrait

Yes, I know it has been a while. But with the holidays quickly approaching I haven't had much time to call my own.
However I have managed to do an interview with "PC World" Magazine and today I am having my picture taken by "Alden Pellet" for the story.
This guy has done a little bit of everything and has been published by some of the top magazines and news papers in the country. So I think it will be a bit intimidating.
So I was looking at some articles about portrait photography and came across this interesting article about some different ideas you can use to get some fantastic shots.
The site is called "Epic Edits". Todays article is 16 Inspirational Portrait Photography Techniques.

When Mr. Pellet asked about my being a photographer I said "just landscape photography" As if landscape photography wasn't "real" or good enough to be considered photography. It was like I was making excuses.
As I thought about it all weekend I soon realized that there are as many specialties in photography as there are in medicine.

realizing that I make money and I do get acclamations about my work. My photographs may not be a published in many magazines and news papers, but I am going to be published in a 4 seasons calendar in 2009! And for a photographer that is just starting out that is an awesome achievement.

So if you ever think your photography isn't good enough to be talked about in the same sentence with "famous" or well know photographers, just remember as long as someone is talking than you are a photographer with a story to tell.

I love landscape photography because I can take my time and frame a shot, and make sure I get the shot I want, where as wedding photography or portrait photography is so much harder. You have to have a real patience I don't have to work with moving subjects. I find it hard to photograph one of my 7 kats! :)alone a child.

Enjoy you holidays and stay safe on the roads!