Sunday, January 21, 2007

Best Kept Secret on the Internet

Thats right this is probably the best secrets on the net. What am I talking about? HP Online Classes No secret you say, how about if I told you they were free, and they were given online by professionals in there field. And that you don't have to purchase anything or even own an Hewelet Packard product. See now you think it's good. But it gets even better, the classes just are for silly insignificant things, like how to plug you computer in.
Try a class on Photoshop CS2. What you don't have Photoshop CS2. You can get a free trial version HERE. Just sign up, which is free, and download the trial version. It's good for 30 days.

Now yes I am taking the Photoshop CS2 Course. I have taken them before. Previously I took the beginner course in photoshop last year. It was for Photoshop CS. And it was the basics. I learned how to do layers and pick tools, and how to use them.
This course is a bit more advanced. So if you know your way around a little bit but haven't been able to do much more than open the picture and play. Then you should try this course.
Heres just a sample of what I started with.
I took these to pictures

And then I put them together to make this.

Now I am not saying this course is going to make you a photoshop wizard, but it will give you the start you need to keep learning. And there are a few other courses that are just for photographers so take a look around and sign up for a few lessons, it's free, it's easy, and you have nothing to loose but time, and even that really wont be lost if you learn just one new thing.

I'll post more of my lessons as they come up. Theres a new one about every week or two. Some classes have only a few lessons and others have a bit more this one has 4 lessons. So I will keep you updated.


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Jennifer said...

OMG... I am so excited to sign up for these free classes. This has to be the best kept secret ever! I need all of the classes so badly. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this tip!!!! :-)