Sunday, February 04, 2007

Flickr Backup

Well I am finally getting back on track. Moving is such a pain, but it did make me think about the things I save and why I have become such a pack rat! But I decided being a pack rat isn't all that bad, except I can never find anything! Including backups of photographs. Thats one of the reasons I use Flickr. My account is coming up for renewal this month and I was wondering what would happen to all my photographs that I have posted there.
What if I didn't renew? Would they just toss my photographs and be done with it. What if I wanted to save all of those pictures? Would I have to download each photograph individually or can I download them in one shot?
Because if I had to do that one picture at a time I would NOT be happy. I have close to 1200 pictures!
Well I came across a program that is called Flickr Backup. It requires you to give the program permission to "write" to your account. Which allows for the download of pictures. Just sign in and then it downloads a thumbnail of each of your pictures. Then you can select which photos you want to download.
It allows you to not only save it to your hard drive but you can also select which program you use to write your dvd's or cd's and it will automatically download and write it to disk.
For 1147 photos it took about 20 minutes to download with a dsl connection.
This is something everyone should do. Don't just rely on Flickr to archive your photographs because you just never know. You should always have at least 2 backups of all important pictures, documents and whatever else you need to save. One should be kept in some place other than your home, like at work or in storage.
So if you have photos on Flickr this is something you should really.

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Guillaume said...

Oh, thanks for the tip, I was needing that !!!