Friday, February 09, 2007

Photoshop Tutorial Videos - FREE!

Well for those of you who know me well the word "free" to me is great! I believe there is nothing you can't learn on the internet for free. Just yesterday I needed to learn how to bleed the radiators in my new place. So I went to google and voila I found a quick how to and fixed the noisiest radiators in town!
So I am always on a quests for new information that is free on how to do lots of things pertaining to photography.
Photoshop is such a great program and I have barely scratched the surface of it's many uses.
Well I found this cool site called Oman3D. This site offers FREE photoshop video tutorials on a number of things you can do in photoshop.
The videos are well presented and they have clear instructions that make this a must visit for any beginner.
The one I found really fun was how to replace a sky in your image. Here are my results from that tutorial.

Think I did rather well. This tutorial has taught me so much more than adding or should I say replacing something in a photograph, not just the sky. The techniques I learned are boundless in there uses.


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