Sunday, March 04, 2007

How To Make Money Through Photography

Here is an interesting and informative article on stock photography. I dabble in stock photography, through Fotila myself. Although I haven't had much of a chance to pursue stock photography that much for a number of reasons.
1. Space, my old apartment was very small, now that I have a much bigger place I have made my macro light box.
2. I am still learning the art of photography.

However this article is very open and honest about what it takes to make a living selling photographs for something other than art.
Make Money With Your Camera

If you think you have what it takes go for it I say. I have sold several photographs and it's fun if you go in with little to no expectations of fame and fortune right off.
I haven't yet set aside time on a regular basis to take "stock photos" I generally just upload what I think they are looking for after a certain shoot.

As many of you are aware I am a foremost a nature photographer, and there is little call for that in stock photography.

Keep in mind if you do decide to do it most of these micro sites have a "wish list" and potential clients request certain types of images and that is a great way to start, look there and see what the market is looking for. It will help give you some direction to start in.

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