Saturday, April 21, 2007

Breaking News!

I guess the title should be "Thank God I didn't break anything!" :) Seriously though, I went to photograph a well known swimming hole that I had heard about but was told the owner often shoots at anyone on the property! So of course I kept my distance! Well an avid follower of my work grew up here in Bennington and gave me directions along with the "urban legend" of people being shot. I guess living in Bennington you can't call it an "Urban" anything. LOL Will call it the "rural legend" Well being an early riser I, liked the morning light, I couldn't get anyone to traps off into the woods with me. So I headed out alone reassuring Deb I would be fine. Sealing my fate.
The Swimming hole I was told wasn't that far off the road and would only take about 10 minutes or so to get to. Well as you know we have had lots of rain here in the northeast. I figured the tubs, both upper and lower would be a great with over flowing water. Well the ground was pretty wet in certain spots but the hike was not bad.
I even had my camera around my neck just encase I encountered any wildlife or something else equally wonderful.
Well I got all the way to the falls, actually saw them for about 2 minutes before well it goes something like this....

There was a ditch, where the water from the rain had run down, there was no water now just mud, and a log that a beaver had gnawed down. The mud was thick and gray and I couldn't get a good push off to step over the 3' ditch. So I saw the gnawed tree. I kicked it several times to see if it would move, of course it didn't so I put my foot on it to push off to get to the otherside when it gave way. Down I went, catching my self with my left hand straight down. Did you know that elbows don't have springs? Yea' I know but hey it's my elbow! LOL
My camera landed in the mud, nothing broken there, thank god! I had the lens cap on along with the circular polarizer so even if I hadn't had the lens cap on the camera lens would have been safe from the mud.
Ok back to my fall, I also twisted my knee. So both my left knee and my left arm were hurting pretty badly. I was sitting in the mud and I had my back pack.
Back Pack Contents: tripod, batteries, charger, filters, camera case, pocket knife, flashlight, candy bar, drink, gloves, and of course my ipod nano, my foto chute hard drive ( i love that thing) and of course my medications, (mostly pain medications for all my aches and pains). As you can see I like to bring some essentials when out in the woods. You never know right?
OK I figured I was about 400yards from my truck and the walk was going to be painful. I had already acquired a walking stick which I used to get myself up and then headed back to the truck. I couldn't take the same route back as it would have been harder on my injuries. so I took the easier route, but it took me longer, and I still ended up with some obstacles to climb over, as I wasn't to familiar with the territory.
So the long painful walk started, seems like every bend I should have seen the truck but NOOOO the truck was no where to be seen. Well I made it back to the truck, and climbed in. Now you would think I would have taken the pain meds when I fell but I really thought that I broke my arm and if I need any medical attention taking anything would have be a bad idea. So I drank some water and drove hoping my cell phone would pick up a signal. Within 5 minutes I was in pownal center and I stopped at the Fire station, thank god there were people there ( we have a volunteer fire department in this area, so the chances of anyone being there were slim. I pulled in and thankfully a lady was pulling in behind my I parked in her way to get her attention, by now I was hurting pretty badly, and I hadn't cried one tear because I was trying to hold myself together to get help, but once I found it I just let go.
They called the rescue squad and I was soon off to the hospital.
No I didn't get any pictures, I didn't break anything, and yes I am going back as soon as I can.
There is no moral really, just to say I was very lucky, and of course I had to make a deal with Deb before I can go out in the woods again.
But let me say this, I don't usually go off into the woods alone, and I wouldn't have done so just to explore, I went knowing where I was going and knew I wasn't too far from the truck.
So remember be safe when your off on your photographic adventures, and try to always bring the necessary stuff just encase. Oh and cell phones are only as good as the reception you get! LOL
OK the next post will likely be me with the waterfall by the end of the week, if I am luck.