Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Ok this has nothing to do with photography, just that I won $300.00 from I won there monthly sweepstakes. I had my choice of an Xbox 360 Core System or $300.00 in cash or $300.00 Amazon gift certificate. Well I picked the cash of course. I figured I have a playstation. So getting an Xbox would mean I would have to buy all new games.
So I am putting it towards heating fuel. As we all know that is very expensive these days.
I will say if you sign up to be my friend through winzy you win whatever your friend wins, except the monthly sweepstakes. They have instantwins for gift certificates, ipods and lots of other stuff. So if I won an ipod instantly so would and the rest of my friends. Cool huh. It's free and all you have to do is use it as a search engine once in a while. And the nice thing is you actually win! OK enough self promoting on with photography.
I know I promised you all I would post my directions for making a monopod but I have to test it in the field first to make sure it works well. And I need to get a wing nut type screw so I can have it swivel without using a screw driver. So stay tuned I promise it's worth it.

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