Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wow! What a Day!

It all started innocently enough with a very early morning photography expedition. I went to one of my favorites spots over looking the Pownal valley in hopes of getting some great sun rise shots on the quickly turning all foliage.
I haven't even had a chance to check out my work from this morning as I have been so busy. Busy? You ask yes very. It seems I have managed to jump start my photography career in about two hours time!
You see on the way home there is a touristy shop called the "Apple Barn" It was open and I got to thinking since I worked there years ago I might see if the owner would be interested in having my photographs, mainly my greeting cards on consignment.
So I stopped in totally unprepared but really I just figured on making an appointment and coming back later on.
It seems a lady owns the place now and she was very keen on seeing my work. They have a small area setup for artist to sell there work and it's not for profit 80% to the artist and 20% to hospice.
She said she was leaving early today and I could bring them in before she left or come back any time.
Well I only live about 5 minutes from there, so I ran home printed a bunch of labels. I bought some clear labels to put my info on the back on the cards. You see the cards are embossed so I can't print on them.
Anyway the owner told me she loved my work and said to leave her a selection and she would set them up in the shop. She also loved the photographs I did on slate.
Well while I was out I decided I would stop at a few other places on Main street.
Well to make a long story short I sold 12 cards outright at $2.75 a piece. So I made $33.00 today in cash and I have two places in town that will be taking my cards on consignment. I also have an appointment with a lady at a gift shop here in town on Thursday and I have a call back for another shop as well.

The owner at the shop where I sold my cards is recommending me to her friend as a wedding photographer! Yikes! Never did that one before, so I don't know how that will work out.

And it has been suggested that my work be matted and framed and shown at a local gallery.

The funny thing i these are all last years photographs I am working with, this years photographs will be added for next tourist season. So I have a lot of work to do to get ready for spring!

So I guess I got what I wanted selling my work and it is sure going to be an adventure too! I can't wait, although I am a bit nervous but I think it will work out.

Coming up with the money for all the greeting cards, prints, mats, frames and everything will take some doing but I figure I got time on my side.

I'll post a few of my shots from this morning as soon as I get them done.

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