Thursday, January 18, 2007

This is another photo contest site that I found. Earthshots it's an interesting site, if you win photo of the day three times you win $50.00. Apparently they don't always send an email if you win so you should check everyday, to make it easy for you you can check on the bottom right of this page everyday and see the photo of the day. Your entry is good for 30 days and you can enter as many times as you like.
Here are there rules from there site


Earth Shots is looking for photographs that exhibit the beauty and diversity of our planet. Any subject matter goes. The most important requirement is that your image is interesting and striking. Good luck!
Terms and Conditions

* Anyone is free to enter Earth Shots’ Photo of the Day contest.
* Winning photographs will be selected by Earth Shots. The judge’s decision is final.
* All entries must be photographs taken by you.
* Your photograph may be chosen as Photo of the Day on any day up to one month after the date that you submitted it.
* There is no limit on the number of photos you may enter.
* By submitting you photograph to Earth Shots, you agree to allow your image to be published on
* Your image may also appear as a thumbnail on other websites that syndicate Earthshots Photo of the Day. This thumbnail will always link to your photograph on
* We may use winning photographs in EarthShots promotional material such as banners and buttons.
* We may not always inform you by email if your entry has been successful. The best way to find out if you have won is to check Earth Shots regularly (to make this easier, you may want to subscribe to our site feed or daily email).


Contest are a great way to get your photography mind working, especially in bad weather. For instance Staples Home Town View is also having a photo contest. It's a real nice one too. Just by entering you get a free poster of your photograph.
Upload a picture highlighting what you love about your hometown.

40 finalists get their poster-size photos sold in local Staples® stores and receive royalties. Plus, they get a $100 Staples Gift Card.

ALL entrants receive a FREE coupon good for a big color poster (12" x 18").

Getting back to what I was talking about, contest are a great way to think about what kind of photograph you want to take. For instance I have plenty of photographs of Bennington but since the contest doesn't end until March 15 2007. I plan on taking as many photographs of the town in different weather. I am hoping to get some good ones of the it snowing downtown.
It gives me a chance to focus on a particular subject or objective. And think about the area and what are it's best assets and where the shots should be taken, the lighting, the time, of day and so on.
I will post more photo contests as I find them, but here are two that should keep you busy. The Earthshots one should be very easy to do, everyone takes pictures of nature and landscapes.
I would love to here from anyone who knows of anymore, there fun to do and they are great for your ego if you win, even if it's just a blue ribbon!
Good Luck and don't forget to think outside the lens!


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