Monday, January 15, 2007

Slide Show

Now if your a photographer and you really want to share your photographs with the world you have to try this. The Slide Show as you can see it is nice to look at and you can customize your photographs, pick the line up and edit the captions. It is amazingly easy to use if you are a Flickr fan, a blogger user like myself. It walks you through where your photos are stored and how to upload them to your website. You can even offer a free screen saver for download to your fans! And it's free and takes all of about 5 minutes! If you photographs are already uploaded to a site. If not you'll have to take a few minutes and upload them using there easy to use interface.

As you can see it supports all kinds of online photo sharing sites like Bebo, photobucket, myspace, flickr, facebook, and friendster, and like I said you can upload images also.
So give it a try its a cool site and it is free, and we all know how I feel about free!
Try The Free Screen Saver


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