Sunday, January 14, 2007


So it's been one of those weeks for weather, and I haven't done anything with my camera for days. Lacking any inspiration I got on my computer and looked at some of the photo contest sites I like to got to.

I am rather found of it is sponsored by Samsung. The site runs a weekly contest for everyday people who just love to take pictures. What I really like about this site is the instant, and I do mean instant feedback you get from people.
How it works via Soaphoto's website ~

This photo gallery is for photography enthusiasts whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, soaphoto is the place for you to share your work with others. In order to gain access to either our amateur photo gallery or our professional photo gallery, we require that you submit some photos and a resume to evaluation. Only selected members will be granted a gallery.

Professional Photo Gallery
* Professional Photo Gallery is given only to professional photographers for a purpose of providing them an opportunity to exhibit their proficiency. If you would like to claim professional photo gallery eligibility, please submit your pictures and a resume for editorial staff review.

And now a word from our sponsor :)

Here are a few of this weeks photographs I took.
Gif animations at
If you want to see more please visit my Flickr Page
And of course you can always purchase my work at The Waterfall Hunter online store were you can find prints, postcards and greeting cards.

*Advanced Amateur Photo Gallery
This picture gallery is specified to photo artists enthusiasts who obtained beyond basic skills in photography. If you wish to acquire permission to create your own amateur photo gallery, please submit some photos and a resume for editorial staff consideration.

*Photography Forum
Forum is a place where you can freely express yourself and share information and digital photo tips with others. To design your own forum, your pictures and your desired topics are required to be evaluated by our editorial staffs. Once you become a select member, please feel free to participate in forums.

*Experience & Share Digital Photo Tips
Here on our photo sharing site you can freely share your photo techniques and personal experiences with other photo and imaging enthusiasts and learn from each other in a community environment. Please ensure to upload photos, and other specific detailed information with your experience tips.

As you can see I have 422 points, I got that from uploading photos to the weekly contest, and by the participation in the Advanced Amateur area. To become an advanced amateur you have to apply and show them some of your photos, for that you get to upload so many photos a day and can participate in their contest, and believe the prize is a very nice camera, the model changes depending on the contest but generally it is semipro or prosumer type dslr camera by Samsung.

They are now offering a photo album section which gives you even more space to upload and share your photo with other enthusiast. You can write how to articles or just search out a particular subject.

It is really a nice site for any photographer, oh yes and they do offer a professional section to. But I can't speak for it as I haven't made it that far. :)

My only wish is to win, but I am up against some fantastic photographers and the competition is fierce! LOL

I urge everyone to check it out and sign up it's a lot of fun and it is free!
Good Luck!


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