Thursday, January 11, 2007

Smartdisk Foto Chute Review

This is one of the best things I got for Christmas. It is basically a portable hard drive but with a twist. It has an LCD screen, so you can navigate through the drive and copy or delete files. It also has a one button backup making life easier on the road.
This is something that every digital photographer should have. It is in expensive and small,it has a rechargeable battery also.
This is little guy has 20 gigs of storage space you can carry around with you and use on the fly as your trekking through mountainous landscapes or urban sprawl. You will never need to worry about whether you have enough space for all of those high resolution pictures again.
Although this particular one is no longer manufactured you can still find them on the internet I found my at Tiger Direct for $65.00 + shipping.
Smardisk PhotoBank is there newest version so if you want the latest and greatest try there.


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