Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Latest Photographic Adventure

I went down to Pownal Vermont, thats about 10 minutes from here and I was hoping to get some nice snow shots. So I went down by the river, no I don't know the name, anyway the old Tannery Mill used to be there, it was a superfund site for as many years as I have been here. Thats 22 years for those that are counting. I went to drive over an old bridge so I could get a picture of the old unused one next to it. Now I have been over this bridge oh maybe 10 or more times, and never once did I notice this HUGE waterfall sitting about 200 yards up stream. But there it was.
Shows you how much I paid attention before I got this camera! LOL

Although the snow was 22" deep in some spots the iced over snow made it a bit easier to trek through. The old mill is gone now, and there is a memorial plaque noting the site. There was a once famous picture of a young child who used to work there at the turn of the century.
This is a big waterfall with lots of minerals in the water to give it that nice blueish green color, at least I hope it's minerals and not chemicals! LOL

I never did get the picture of the bridge, maybe next time.

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Greg Smith said...

And you would rather be in London?!?!?!?!

Great shots!

I will have to come and visit your neck of the woods at some point!!!!