Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Misadventure with My New Macro Lightbox

Today I finally found enough time to get my new Macro Light Box out and play a bit. Since I haven't tried my new macro lens I got for Christmas I was all excited. I decided to use four vintage cat figurines as my subjects.
So I cleaned them up, * note when taking macro shots REALLY make sure your subjects are CLEAN as my figurines are delicate and a bit intricate I should have used an old toothbrush to clean them much better than a damp paper towel, which left some lint.
Anyway back to my story, I got everything all set up, the lighting looked great and I had my tripod and lens all cleaned and set to go.
I first tried the #1 lens and had my camera set on macro and I was using the manual mode. Also I had set the white balance correctly. I thought HDR might be fun to try so I took several pictures of the silver Persian.
macro 011 *note disregard the dust :)
As you can see it seems a bit blurry or out of focus. I know it is not from camera shake as I was using a tripod. While taking the picture it looked in focus to me.
But not up close. This basically happed to most of my photographs. I tried each of the lens both on and off of the macro setting, and got the same types of results. I even tried all three!
macro 021
This one I think came out the worst.

Here are a couple of the HDR versions I did.
I think this one came out the best.
The Persian just plan looks bad.
Generated HDR - Tone mapped.
If you want to see the whole set Go to Macro Light Box Set

Now if anyone out there has any ideas or knows of an article to help me out I would love to hear from you, PLEASE!

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