Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Newest Adventure!

So I went to take pictures this morning. I went to this beautiful spot near one of the waterfalls I have taken pictures of. I climbed down the bank very slowly in 20" of snow, I made it all the way down there set my camera up and got 2 pictures, just after taking the second photo, the one above, I moved one foot forward to get a better position, and then I fell right through the ice! The cold freezing water rushing into my shoes, my toes were instantly cold! I was in up to my thighs and fell backwards to protect my camera, of course, and landed on my butt!
I realized I was in trouble when I couldn't pull myself out. I had laid my back pack full of all of my camera equipment behind me so I was able to turn and put my camera and tripod away, close it up and strap it on.
You know 20" of snow is not easy to crawl out of. I tried turning around but I wasn't able to get my footing right off. Stupid me didn't think I would need to wear boots today, so I just had on my sneakers, brrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
I was going to call for help as Deb was waiting in the truck for me, but I was pretty sure she wouldn't hear me from where I was so I started to climb up as my pants got snow frozen to them. I got half way up when Deb came looking for me, thank god, she went and got the truck and help me up into the nice warm cab.
Yes there is a moral to this story, when you fall into the snowy river fall backwards to protect your camera! LOL

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