Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why camera's add 10lbs?

This is a very interesting read. Why camera's add 10lbs?
As most of you will read it's all about lighting. This is a prime example of why lighting is so important in any type of photography but especially in portraits. Although I confess to never have tried portraits I am planning on taking some of my Wife Deb and one of our many Cats "Skippy". So I have been reading up on portrait photography.
I want this picture to be special as "Skippy" has CRF basically his kidney's are failing him and Deb & he are so very close.

Anyway I also wanted to point out how difficult shooting pictures in the winter are as lighting is difficult.
The first picture here was taken the night of the blizzard.

As you can see the lighting is relatively good, I opened the shutter to bring in more light. I'll tell you using the light meter built into the camera really helps. All I did was make sure the meter was in the middle by adjusting the aperture and shutter.

Now this next picture I took on a shady day. I set my white balance for shade and then I had to add all 3 of my ND filters plus my CP filter. I opened the shutter for some movement and I got this picture. Although you can see some "tinging" of pink on some of the snow, I think that is from the polarizer. I didn't bother with adjusting the photo in photoshop to show the effect.

Even with the shutter speed closed a bit without the nd filters it was so washed out you couldn't see much of the water.

As the article explains there has to be some contrast to better view the different objects in it. But in snow all rules are thrown out the window and you just have to play with the settings I find until you get the effect you want.

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