Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tips on Starting a Succesful Photography Business

As with most advanced hobbyist I have thought of becoming a professional photographer. As a matter of fact I have always wanted to become a photographer. But until recently only thought of it as a hobby and not as a profession.
My professional career has been a very diverse one, ranging from caregiver to office manager to business owner and back again.
Through out that time I have "tinkered" with photography and have always learned just enough to get by. Always wanting to learn more but never having the time, or the physical capability to get out and take the photographs I have wanted.
Until last year I had not really done much with this artistic side. I painted, and designed and photographed landscapes. But then I was fortunate and found Flickr then it took off from there. The learning and craving for more information lead me to start selling my photographs at Cafepress.
Well I can't say I have made a fortune on it. All tolled I think I have sold $18.95 in profits. Doesn't sound like much I know but consider I haven't really advertised since I started. Well I can't say that is not true either, I don't pay for advertising.
I have my Blog's (Waterfalls of Vermont) and I have Flickr and I also sell stock photography on Fotilia.
So where is all this going, well I wanted to tell you guys about an article I read on how to start your on photography business. Most of the tips are basic common sense and then there are some that really are good things to know if you are headed in that direction.
30 Tips for a Successful Photography Business
So if any of you are interested in becoming professionals read the article and by all means drop me a line I would love to know how you are doing.

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