Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Few Sites Worth a Visit

Well today as it is rainy and dreary out I though I would post some sites that I often go to some are photography related some aren't. Some are just fun and a perfect waste of time but I think we all deserve to do nothing important or useful at least once a day. So here is my list. I may add to it so you might want to keep an eye on it.

1. Greg's Photo Diary He is a fellow photographer with a great eye. And he is also a personal trainer in London. So if you need a personal trainer/photographer check his site out. Greg Smith's Photography

2. Life Hacker Productivity and software guide is how it is described but I think it goes past that and really gives you some great tips on all kinds of things.

3. Gizmodo the gadget guide. Anyone who knows me knows I am a gadget nut. So join the rest of us nuts here.

4. Tips & Tricks Computer tips and tricks.

5. Digg interesting , fun, unusual, off beat, and addicting.

6. DPChallenge I know this is the site I just talked about. Yes you have to be a paying member to enter almost all of the contest. But the photography and the free tutorials make it worth a free registration. And it is only $25.00 a year. Same as Flickr

7. YouTube well what else is there to say. Videos of everything.

8. Vazaar A unique invitation only site with some fantastic photography. I was lucky to be invited. If your interested let me know I have only a few invitations left.

9. Ev Llyod Photography As he says he is a great blok, and a fantastic photographer. His photographs are just amazing!

10. PC Photo Magazine Yes, they have great articles, and how to's but they also have a sweepstakes each month and give away some pretty amazing things. I actually won once. They didn't even notify me. Just sent me a 15 minute battery charger with batteries worth $50.00! So if nothing else enter the sweepstakes everyday.

11. My Instantwin now this is great place to win all kinds of things from ipods to bakery supplies. This person list all the instant win games on the internet right here. They are free games from name brand companies. And you can enter easily, especially if you have a form filler like google or something. Yes, I have won and lost of times. I have won $100 and an ipod nano just to name a few. So go it's free.

12. All Day Long I Dream About Photography Well what else is there to say, except the dreams are great and so is the advice. You might alos check out the Flickr Group. Tons of info and stuff to do on both sites.

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Greg Smith said...

Hi Sam, thanks for the mention, much appreciated. I am finding your blog very useful, thanks for the info. Hopefully you will see my photos improve over the next few months.