Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Free 7 Day Photoshop Video Course

Ok here's the deal you go to this site
Sign up for the free course. And in a few days you'll get an email to fill out a survey about photography and you will also get a free PDF book on photoshop. The pdf book is great. Full of lots of illustrations and step by step instructions. Which frankly I prefer. I can get lost pretty easily because I tend to skim through. The video course is very informative. I have only received the first video and it is only 4:47 minutes.
I think if nothing else it's free and the book is a great help.
Anybody have any ideas on photography block? The weather here is just weird last week it was freezing out this week we have 50's outside and this weekend we are looking at snow for the whole week! So going out to take pictures is a hit or miss thing. I have my macro box but I having a problem with the lighting. I haven't gotten the clip on lights yet, and I am not sure I like the blue background to the macro box. So I will be covering it with poster board.
I'll post some pictures with the new background tomorrow.

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