Friday, March 30, 2007

Using Color Variations in Photoshop CS2

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days but I have been laid up with my back. Although I am going into serious withdrawls from lack of picture taking I have managed to get some photoshop step by steps done for you guys. This is such an easy color fix for your pictures. give it a shot it's simple and easy and it works. I use it all the time.

I love using the color variations tool, really lets me saturate or change the color temperatures easily. I like playing with the cures but I am not good with photoshop yet so I use this feature Here are the steps.

1. Click image in the tool bar at the top of the screen
2. Click Adjustments
3. Click variations
4. Select a tonal range of your image to adjust, alternatively, you can select saturation, or strength of color to change
5.Click and Drag left or perform small adjustments, or right to make large adjustments.
6. To add a color to your image, click one or more of the thumbnails to add the or subtract color as you like.
The results of the adjustments appear in the thumbnail images. To increase the effect click the MORE thumbnail again. To decrease the brightness of the image by clicking DARKER, and to light click LIGHTER
Once you have the picture the way you want click OK
And to reset the picture just click the original image.
Don't forget to save a copy of the original image so your not working with the original just a copy.

Photoshop Elements

Color variations in Photoshop Elements
1. Click on "Enhance" on the top tool bar
2. Click on "Adjust Color"
3. Click on "Color Variations"
From there you can adjust your pictures according to taste and then save when done. And dont forget to work on a COPY of the original.

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