Monday, March 19, 2007

Youtube and Photography

Youtube is a great resource for photographers, whether your a beginner with little to no experience or a seasoned hobbyist.
Well as you know I love looking for anything photography related. And often I find a video here and there. But someone has posted a series from the DIY network called the "Whole Picture" hosted by Erin Manning she is a professional photographer and her shows are very informative and cover a great range of information from beginner to advanced hobbyist.
I used to watch it every week but I think it has been canceled. Anyway someone was nice enough to post several of the shows on Youtube.
I just finished watching this show called "Digital Photography Lesson - Skin Tones" They are posted in 4 parts and are all listed in order.
This episode covers lighting, metering, and histograms, and exposure. This is really a great show to watch if you are really into portrait photography.

If you want to see more of her show you can go to Youtube and do a search for "photography" You wont believe how much stuff comes up.

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