Saturday, April 07, 2007

Performance Art

Yesterday I spent the morning at MASS MoCa. It's a modern art museum. Which I can honestly say I am not a huge fan of. However My brother Michel (He is doing a 365 project, check it out) and I went there to see if they had anything fun to photograph. Well they did. Check out my Flickr site for all the pictures.

Here is a picture of the most exciting heart stopping thing we saw.
Performance Art
Yes it's a broken television. Why is it so exciting you ask? Well you see they were putting up a new display and Michel was taking pictures of them, I had my back to them taking pictures of the spaceship.
spaceship Suddenly I heard this tremendous THUD
behind me. I turned to find Michel and everyone was staring at this huge TV on the floor! Michel said he saw it getting ready to fall, had his camera on an ready, as he was taking pictures of the workers, he watched it fall, and didn't even try and get a shot! Even after it fell he didn't get a shot of it. He said he was just standing and couldn't take move! Like a deer caught in headlights! I told him it is a good thing he is not a photojournalist! LOL

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