Saturday, April 07, 2007

Practice your Photography Techniques Using Nothing But Your Computer

Sounds a bit odd I grant you. But this site is well worth the visit for those of us who have a hard time grasping the aperture and shutter settings. It's called Shutter Bee You have to have java installed on your system and if you have an adblocker that blocks java you might want to turn it off.
Basically it has an interactive camera that allows you to take pictures in different settings. You change the camera settings on the fly and click "snap" and it shows you instantly what the picture would look like if it were an actual camera.
I found myself sitting there for an hour just testing different apertures and shutter speeds trying to get the shots I wanted. It is great practice and fun.
There is plenty of information there too explaining the different aspects of photography. All noobs should definately check it out, even if your a little rusty it is worth the time to practice. And who couldn't use a little practice? :)

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