Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pond View Farm Falls

I found this waterfall on accident (as with most of my falls) This one was on the side of the road, and looking down at it is was huge. It sits on an old farm called "Pond View Farm" The pond is no longer visible as the natural dam that was there feel over during heavy rains one year.
I always try and ask permission to go on to someones property and take pictures. Fortunately the lady that owned the place Anne Hoag was standing over the falls .
Apparently there are two falls one further down a trail. Which I plan on exploring just as soon as I am feeling more capable.
The farm is located in Hoosick NY.

When I asked the lady if the falls had a name she said no, and so I told her we would call it Hoag Falls. But as Michel and I where on our way down to the falls shouted out that they used to call the farm "Pond View Farm" So I decided it was the best thing to call it.
I asked if many people had taken pictures of it and she said yes, but no one has ever asked her permission.
Some how I just think that is wrong, the least anyone can do is ask permission. I also offered her a nice print for allowing us to come on to her property. She said no on had ever done that before either.
Well needless to say I will be back, although the farm and the people who own it are old, the place has a beauty and rustic appeal that is hard to beat.

Although this isn't my best shot of a waterfall it certainly was my most surprising. I think once I get the use of my arm back (100%) I will be able to do a better job. It really is hard when you can't squat, bend, or reach. All from different aliments.
I should know tomorrow whether I will be in a cast or not. I guess you have to wait a week or so for the swelling to go down for some injuries. I can use my arm for the most part, but lifting is out, and I can't straighten it all the way, and forget about reaching to scratch my nose or something! LOL
The knee is a bit better it only bothers me as much as it did before. As long as I don't touch it. But my shoulder is pretty stiff and painful, along with my back. But hey that always hurts. But I am sure falling down a hill didn't help it any! LOL

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