Saturday, May 05, 2007

Finally My Photography Portfolio is DONE!!!

Well I finally managed to finish my portfolio. I had such a hard time trying to do so many things so I thought I would share with you what I wanted in my portfolio site and why I made the choice I made.

Although I can design websites from scratch, so to speak. I Felt a template would be best considering my physical condition write now. Finding a template that was easy to use and did take a lot of typing was what I wanted.
I also wanted it to be cheap or better yet free. I purchased my domain name The domain was $8.95 a yr. And I figured I could use the web space from verizon, since I already get 10mb of space for free. The problem as I am sure you can guess is the size. No matter how small I made the pictures it was just to small.

So I set about looking for a site that offered free hosting and hopefully some quick and easy template.
I first considered wordpress since they have such a HUGE collection of free templates, and tons of plugins and widgets. But the problem was paying for it. I just don't have tons of cash especially for something that isn't making money right now.

Then I remembered a site I signed up for a while back called Weebly. This site uses "Ajax" which is great technology for this sort of thing. Since I was already signed up all I had to do was creat a new page, pick a design, drag and drop the flickr plugin and I was done pretty much.
Of course, I added a cont page, they have a plugin for that, just drag and drop. And I added an about me, a links and a home page, along with the gallery page.

The only problem I had was that the flickr plugin didn't allow me to specify a specific "set" or "collections". So I signed up for a free flickr account and uploaded my favorite photos to that and set it up on the weebly site.

This was a quick,easy, and fast solution to my problem. Weebly is a great site and is still adding features so go check it out. And let me know what you think the site.

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