Friday, May 04, 2007


I wanted to post an update everyone about the site and myself. You may have read that I had fallen down a muddy hill and hurt my left elbow and knee. Well it seems that I have torn a ligament in my elbow, which hasn't been confirmed yet by an MRI (thats on Monday) anyway if the tear is bad enough I will have to have surgery, which seems to be a rather complicated surgery requiring a graft of a ligament from some other part of my body, or worse yet a cadaver! That is NOT going to happen. LMAO Anyway as I am right handed and I hurt my left elbow I an still type but it is slow going one handed.
I can of course still take pictures, I just need help setting up the tripod and getting the camera out. So that sort of takes some of the fun out of it. But I wont be out as much taking a lot of photos, but I will be taking some.
On a side note, my wife Deb has a torn achilles tendon, so she will be having surgery on that in a few weeks. And will then be laid up with a cast for 6-8 weeks. So it seems we will be quit the pair with her leg in a cast and my arm in cast! I'll be sure to take pictures.

I am hoping to get out this next week as things are getting green out and the flowers are in bloom.
Hoping to get some good shots then. I haven't had much luck with some of my photo contest, but what can you do.

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