Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Financial Plan to Buy a New Camera

As you have read I want to buy a new camera. So I have made a plan of attack as it where and I thought I would share it with you.
These are Photo Mount Greeting Cards. They are made by Strathmore Artist Paper They are blank greeting cards that I have mounted 4 x6's on.
As you can see they are embossed and have a nice envelope. I bought them from eBay so I couldn't say what the retail price is, however I paid $20 for two packages of 50. Which I think is a great deal. I haven't decided on a price yet, but I think $3.99 would be good. I plan to take them to some of the stores around town, as they are local pictures and either sell them to the store or put them there on consignment.
I used the money that I won from Shutterfly to purchase the prints. And let me just say the quality is excellent.
You can also purchase photo frame greeting cards from Photographers Edge this is a great company. I really love there cards, they a very popular with professional photographers, and when you send for there free catalog you get 3 free sample cards that you can use. I will be purchasing from them as soon as I sell these.
I received
Also I have signed up for a couple of affiliate programs. For those of you that don't know what that I'll try and explain.
Basically it is being paid for referring people to a certain site like Shutterfly. If you were to click on a link to Shutterfly and then placed an order Shutterfly will pay me for the referral.
I don't want to clutter the site with tons of ads so I will sprinkle them in here and there. I prefer the text type links instead of big gaudy banners. So if you do see them and you find you are interested in the site please click on it. The money I earn will go to purchasing my new camera equipment.

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