Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Update** My Injury

Well I realize this is not a REALLY photography related. But I figure it's my site and I am a photographer so it all works out in the end.
I went for my MRI on my right elbow today. I live in Bennington Vt and we don't have a permanent MRI here and the mobile one is really small. You have to be a tooth pick to fit in it comfortably. So I requested to be sent to an "open MRI" Basically, for those that don't know, instead of being stuffed in a big tube your tube is cut in half with a top and bottom. Generally they are two tables, one to lay on and the imaging unit above. It's great if you have an injury in an odd place like my right elbow.

Now I can't straighten my arm out all the way without being in excruciating pain. And I can't bend in all the way either. That's the whole point of the MRI, they think I tore a ligament. Thats a bad, bad thing! :)

Anyway, I drove all the way to Albany NY, thats an hour away. I get there and they take me into this room with a big donut shaped machine. I said "it's supposed to be an "OPEN MRI"" The Tech said "oh well they come in all shapes and sizes" Now granted it was bigger in diameter about 12" more which was good because I was then told I had to lay on my side so my arm could be in the middle of the table with this contraption wrapped around my arm. Then he put a weight on it forcing my arm to extend completely! I was in agony. I told him I would have to stop in between sets to rest my arm. he just walked out and shut the door.

So here I am stuffed into this tube laying cockeyed so my arm can be laid out flat and in the middle. I am dieing in pain and the machine is making this racket. And in between each set the guy says " 2 more minutes" and then clicks off after about 20 minutes I couldn't take it anymore so I yelled "I need to get out of this thing! It hurts to much! Hello!" I got know response, then the machine started up again and I pulled my arm out of this contraption I was in ripped off the head phones playing horrible 80's music and started crawling out of thing machine myself! He wasn't even listening to me. He only came in once he saw me climbing out of the MRI.

I never got the guys name but believe me tomorrow his boss is going to get an ear full. I have had plenty of MRI's in my time and I know how it is supposed to work, and that wasn't it!

This injury is really hard on me, I can't get out and take a lot of pictures because I have to get someone to go with me and help set it up. It's a pain, really. I am feeling a bit depressed by it all.

But on the bright side. I am still working on selling my greeting cards. I need two things
1. clear bags to fit over my cards
2. open top bin boxes

I can get the boxes at staples, either online or hopefully they have them at there store. I am having trouble finding the bags though. So if any one has any ideas I would love to hear them.

I don't want to make appointments with shops until I have everything I need to put a display up in there store. That would make a very bad first impression.

The hard part is doing this all on a shoestring budget, a thread bare shoestring at that. :)

I did buy 5 frames to put some 5 x 7 in but it turned out the frames have the glass painted. You see I thought it had a cheap paper type mounting and all I would have to do is take that out and I would have a nice white frame. But sines the glass is painted, and has the word "friends" painted on it I will have to take them back and get some different ones.
I'll have to be more careful.
OK that's it for my updates.

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