Thursday, June 28, 2007

Albany New York PhotoTrip

OK it really wasn't a photo trip it was more a trip to Albany Medical Center for a Test and I had for hours to kill while Deb slept, lucky her. :) Don't worry her test came out great, and she is going to be fine. Me on the other hand thought walking a few blocks to Washington Park was no big deal and I think it just about killed me! I don't do a ton of walking because of my disabilities so it was a bit more than my legs and back where used to. And to top it off it was like 85 out and a bit humid! Well I did manage to get a few pictures I liked.

Patriotic Patriotic

The Brown StoneBrown Stones

I thought these came out really well.
A few days before I went out and came a across a field of Blackeyed Susan's.
And got these shots.

So CloseSo Close


Black Eyed SusanBlackeyed Susan's

I shot the Blackeyed Susan's and then played with them a bit in Photoshop, using the Orton technique. It really makes a slightly out of focus picture look so much better. And that day the wind was blowing and I was having a hell of a time seeing through he lens, one because of the sun, and two because it was so much lower than I can physically get to.
I am seriously thinking of getting the Olympus Evolt 510, I think because the anti shake feature is built into the camera and not the lens it might be a better camera for me. But will save that for another article.

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