Sunday, October 14, 2007

Coming Back

Hey everyone!
Yes it is me, I know I have been away from the blog to much and for too long. The reasons are simple. Back in the spring I fell down a ravine and it started a snowball effect of some health issues that I was unaware of for a while. So I have been dealing with the recovery of my injuries from the fall along with being diagnosed with diabetes .
What a life style change. After taking several months to get my health in order I have been able to continue my love of photography. Although I am still not a 100% I am feeling a bit better than I have in a long time.
So I wanted to thank all of my well wishers and concerned friends and family that have followed my photography and my illnesses.
So please check back often as I am trying to get back to th pace I enjoyed before. And autumn seems to be the best time to get back into it more.
So please be patient and I promise to show you some wonderful things that have been in progress.
Thanks again everyone!

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