Monday, October 29, 2007

How Do You Know When Do You Become A Professional Photographer?

Is it by going to photography school for years? Checking out all the local art galleries in hopes of finding your photographic artwork displayed? Owning expensive photography equipment that most people wouldn't buy? Or maybe it is simply buying business cards with your "Name and Profession" on it.
Could it be selling one or two photographs online? Or just having fellow photographers tell you how great your work is. Maybe being offered a job on commission.

Whatever we think of our abilities to take amazing or even critically acclaimed photographic art work, it really is subjective just as being called a professional is.

No I didn't study for years, nor do I own expensive equipment. And I haven't seen my name up in lights or at any galleries.

But I can say this I feel like a Professional Photographer. The reason you ask well mostly a state of mind. And mostly because suddenly in the midst of my extremely boring week I stopped in to a shop locally and asked about putting my work on consignment, They said yes!

That in itself set me on a quest to see who else liked my work. Well it turns out lots of people like my work and are amazed I don't have a studio. No I still don't have a studio.

What I do have is a new found exuberance and drive to get my work shown and sold. I have managed to secure some financial backing from my family and I even have buyers lined up for my artwork.

Not just greeting cards, but note cards, prints, books, and well a few other things I have ideas for.

So I guess to answer the question, being a professional photographer is being able to sell your work on a regular basis, and to be able to support the business, and yourself some day soon.
So YES I am a Professional Photographer and I am proud of it! And excited and a bit scared. But I finally made it to a place that I am comfortable at, and I also know there is still so very much to learn.

And yes I plan on sharing all my ups and downs and a few sideways trips along the way.

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