Monday, November 19, 2007

420 4 x 6 Prints for FREE!

Yes thats right Free. OK there is one catch you have to pay for shipping. Now I have tried a few and I will be getting more in soon so I will let you know which ones have the best quality and the shipping cost also.
This will save me around $70 for prints. I have been using but frankly there shipping is outrages. I love the quality but $10 just to ship one book, and then $13.00 for 260 prints. I placed an order the other day and it cost almost as much in shipping as it did in items.
So I am looking for a cheaper option with the best quality.

* Yorkphoto offers 50 free prints
* Snapfish offers 30 free prints
* AdoramaPix offers 25 free prints
* Kodak EasyShare Gallery offers 20 free prints
* Shutterfly offers 25 free prints
* Winkflash offers 100 free prints via coupon code "VP32WE54" Shipping .99 cents and the quality is outstanding.
* dotPhoto offers 50 free prints
* PhotoWorks offers 25 free prints
* photomax offers 20 free prints
* CVS offers 10 free prints I don't remember the shipping but the quality sucks, the colors were way off and they cropped everything way to much.
* ClarkColor offers 20 free prints
* fotomat offers 15 free prints
* MyPhotoAlbum offers 20 free prints.

I'll keep you posted

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