Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Books & Calendars

Well I wanted to keep everyone up on what has been going on but as usual there is always so much to do and so little time to do it in.

1st off I received some prints from if you will recall in my last post I told you of a lot of sites that are giving free prints away. Well I can't say they are bad, because they look pretty good. The only thing I can say is the color and the definition is different from but that is only because I was comparing the too side by side.

There is a definite difference but not one that will prevent me from ordering prints from them again. Especially with there shipping prices so low. You can't beat .99 cents.

Now as i said in a previous post I am also putting together small "mini memory book" They are 5 x 7 soft cover books from Kodak. The shipping was $1.99 and it took 11 business days to get it.

However I am not entirely pleased with it. As you can see it has a window cut out in the cover to see a picture through, now the picture I chose was plenty big enough to fil the spot but it doesn't and only fills it vertically not horizontally. And some of the other photos have similar issues with white borders on some and edge to edge printing on others.

The quality is what you would expect from Kodak the pictures look great. But the presentation in the book looks really bad. And you can't give each page a title just a title for the book. And there is no choice of layout or color of the cover.

All in all though it was $6.99 + shipping making it a total of $8.98 cost, if I sell it for say 13.98 I am only making $4 a book. And a reseller would have to mark it up another 50% to 75% to make a decent profit. So it is unlikely this will be a good choice. Although the idea is great. Just have to keep looking until I find a better solution.

Unfortunately Kodak doesn't offer much in bulk discounts you have to buy over 1000 books to get a discount at all.

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