Thursday, January 24, 2008

MyBook Photobook Kit

I have been looking for a good quality photo book that is inexpensive enough to offer to my retail clients for a few months now, but haven't found anything until now.

MyBook Photobook Kit seems to be the answer. I found them through Unibind. They both offer photo book kits and binding options.

Here is what the MyBook Photobook Kit comes in.
Available in both black & white

Kit Includes:
(1) Black 11 x 8.5 photobook - Holds 1-15 sheets
(2) Clear plastic end sheets
Layout Software

The Unibind PhotoBook

These books appear to be geared toward the professional market and offer many more styles and sizes than the MyBook PhotoBook Kit

Here are some spec on the Unibind Photobooks They range in sizes from 12" x 12" to 4" x 6", PhotoBooks Letter Size are available in 9 different colors:
black linen, white linen, metallic blue, metallic silver, metallic pink, bordo leather, blue leather, black leather, black genuine leather.

All 8.5 x 11 PhotoBooks come standard with a 5 x 3.5 photo window cut centered in the cover.

In the other formats a window cut is optional.
We have several sizes and shapes to choose from: square,rectangular, round and oval in different sizes.

We have a wide selection of materials available and can offer you personalized window cuts, hot foil stamps or printed covers.

The binding system is the key to this book. The website really doesn't give to much more detail except to the demo you can watch.

And again there are no prices so I have written both companies and ask for more information especially prices and hopefully a sample to see the quality.

I like the MyBook Photobook Kit as it allows for very simple production basically you print the pages using there software and then staple the end put the pages in the book and pull the adhesive strips and press the book closed and your done.

The Unibind Binding System
requires the purchase of the binder and seems pretty straight forward, you line the pages up in the book and place it in the binder which heats the binding, sealing the book and then you let it cool.

I'll post a follow up on the prices and any other information I get as soon as I hear from them.

NOTE: I was able to find the Unibind Photobook Creator online at Adorama it's $99 there which is the cheapest I found other places like Best Buy & Target had it for $119. It appears to come with 2 to 3 binders and the binding unit.

This is defiantly on my short list of things to get as many of my clients ask for these photo books. What would make it more economical would be to get a very good photo printer. The one I have works fine but it is several years old and I think getting a photo printer with at least 6 colors is a must since I am selling them for quality prices. I could also use it to print out larger prints for matting and framing.

But first I need that new camera. :)

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