Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Links to Photography & Camera Site

Here is a list of links I thought everyone would find useful. Thanks to Fotohacker for some the inspiration of this post and for some of the links.

* Digital Photography School
* Canon Digital Learning Center
* Nikon SLR Learning Center
* Pentax: Taking Better Photos
* Olympus Learning Center
* Sony Learning Center
* Kodak Digital Learning Center
* HP Free Online Classes
* Outdoor Photography Magazine How To
* PC Photo Mag How To
* Fotohacker
* All Day I Dream About Photography
* You Tube Photoshop Lessons
* You Tube Photography

Selling Your Artwork
* Redbubble
* Fotolia

Photo Sharing Sites
* SAOPhoto
* Flickr

Prints, Albums, Gifts and Supplies
* Shutterfly
* Kodak
* PhotoWorks
* Moo Cards
* Photographers Edge
* Snapfish
* WinkFlash
* 400+ Free Photo Prints and Gifts

Photo Contests
* Saophoto
* Photo Challenge
* Your Shot National Geographic

Well these certainly aren't all the links I have but they are the best ones. If anyone knows of a site that should be added please feel free to send me the link and I'll take a look at it.

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