Friday, January 18, 2008

Win a New Canon or Nikon Camera or Good Old Fashioned Cash!

Red Barn in Winter
Just thought I would let you guys know that Outdoor Photography magazine is having a "Winter" Photo contest -
"The timing and theme of this contest is winter, but that doesn’t limit your submissions to snow and ice. Maybe winter for you is a Caribbean sunset, a marsh in Florida, a canyon in the Southwest or a market in Saigon. Whatever your take may be, now is the time to show us your coolest shots!

Winter Contest Prizes Here’s your chance to win one of the following prizes: a Canon EOS 40D camera; Nikon D300 camera; or $1,500 in cash—plus publication of your winning image in Outdoor Photographer magazine!"

Click HERE for more info. Deadline is Jan 20, 2008.

Also PCPhoto is holding a similar contest -
" It's about you and the inspiration in your photos! Here's your chance to win one of the following prizes: a Canon EOS 40D camera, Nikon D300 camera or $1,500 in cash—along with publication of your winning image!"

Deadline for this contest is the 15th of Feb. 2008
Click HERE for more info.

Make sure you read the rules carefully, for instance Outdoor Photography you can enter two photographs but they have to be very different from each other.

I hope everyone enters as it is free, so you have nothing to loose and who knows you might win! I know I could use a new camera! :)

Sun Rays

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