Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Photo Gallery Now Up

I design websites, although not a huge amount I do consider myself pretty good. But when it comes to doing my own site I am like the mechanic who never has time to fix there own car! LOL
I just wanted simple yet professional looking web gallery and Godaddy, my hosting company offers free photo gallery with domain and hosting purchase. I tried it but it just didn't have the look I wanted not to mention it appears to allow people to purchase your photographs, although you can turn tat feature off.
So I started looking for some templates in hopes of finding a nice yet simple free template.
Eventually I found Web Gallery Wizard. The software is $24.95 and comes with a bunch of pre-installed templates and more you can download from there site.
It has some flashed base templates and they are all very nicely done. So check it out and I would appreciate any feedback on it. Keep in mind I am far from finished I still have more photo's and I have to put up the contact page but I am working on it.
Sam Lamp Photography

Sun Rays
I took this photography in the Old First Church Cemetery at sun rise. I sat on the ground there for what seemed like forever taking photographs and waiting for this shot.

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